Saturday, November 17, 2012

Anniversary #11

We've officially been together for 1/2 our lives. Now that's crazy! Today is our 11 year wedding Anniversary but we started dating when I was 15 and he 16.
He hates this picture cause he thinks he looks like crap. I'm sure I'll get in trouble for posting this but after 15 years together he's use to me doing what I want :)  It's our engagement photo. I was 19 and he was 20 and recovering from surgery. Which is why I converted it to black/white. It helps to disguise that he did look sickly and yellow.
We were so young. We had no idea what we were doing. We loved eachother and I guess that's all that matters.
Happy 11th Anniversary to my husband. Here's to 50+ more. YIKES. 

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