Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No Time

I don't have free time. We have so many things that need done. Several things need painted. I've mentioned the front door a few times. Its still not decided. Not that I would have the time if I did pick a color. Painting is something you can't easily do with small kids in the house. I use to do this sort of thing when they napped. Now instead I excercise. Which currently seems more important. Its good for me in many ways. Physical health yes. I've lost 32 lbs. Mental health most definitely. I can run out the stress of daily life and it feels good. 

Anyways. When Brad isn't working where he might be able to watch the kids and this color thing is decided. Maybe I can paint the front door. Or the linen closet door or maybe the french doors......

Currently in love with this golden yellow....

And this Sunny Orange color. Ooooo. So happy looking!

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