Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Happenings

Ok. So something is wrong with the blog and I can't upload pictures from my camera. I haven't been totally a slacker. I have tried several times in the last 3 weeks to update you on the goings on. I can however upload from my phone.

Last night we had the cousins over so my brother could take his wife out for her birthday. They were dropped off with me at work and I brought them home with me. First thing first. Dinner. We took them down to Firehouse Pizza where they could also play on the firetruck while waiting for the pizza. Then we went bowling of which I have a cute picture on my camera that I can't show you. Bummer!

P.S. I really wanted to take them roller skating. Mostly, cause I LOVE it. It wasn't open. The place as crazy hours. Only Sat afternoon evening and Sun afternoon. Maybe we can do that next time.

When we got home from bowling we put on our cozy PJ's and played a game of Gooey Louie while munching on one of my sister in-laws uber delicious caramel apples. We were trying her newest flavor 'Snowball' which is caramel dipped, marshmallow dipped, chocolate dipped and then coated in pink coconut. It was YUMMY!

The best part of having older cousins.....hand-me down dress up clothes!
Olive lives in a tulle covered paradise.

She's is my super adorable muse. I can't resist her cuteness.

Also, Still running. Some outside but mostly treadmill miles. I can't wait till the weather breaks and I can get back outside. Mind you, it's not the cold that stops me. It's the snow and ice. I'd really like to NOT fall and injure myself.  In my head I'm training myself for a future half marathon but I've not registered for one just yet. I want to take it slow, do it right, get my ducks in a row, and conquer further distances first.

Anywho. 17.3 total miles this week. Not to shabby. My highest is 17.8 done back in Sept. I have a goal to break that soon.

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