Sunday, May 24, 2009

African Safari

On Saturday we decided to take family trip to Port Clinton and visit the African Safari Trails. With a zoo membership we got half off admission so it was a bargain too.

They give you a bucket of feed and instructions on how to feed the animals
The animals are roaming free and you drive right through herds of them. Dane was scared at first, cause the animals would push their entire heads into the car window and Brad was freaking out cause they were smearing goo and slobber all over the side of the car.

Holy cow!!! They had 5 or so of these long horns and I was so nervous as we drove past, it appeared several times those horns we going to rack the side of other peoples cars. We tended to drive around them and not get too close.

We had a really fun day. After the Safari Trails we headed to downtown Port Clinton where they were having the Walleye Festival. So we walked down by the water and through the festival.

At the festival there was a man dressed as a bronze statue. He would walk and change poses very slowly. It was pretty funny, he really freaked out some of the children there.


  1. I heard about this last year and have been wanting to go! It looks really cool. Was it worth the drive up?

  2. I would say probably not. It was ok but the pictures on their website showed a wider variety of animals. If you wanted to go up for other things it is probably worth dropping by and seeing. The walk through part was really run down and the animals were in corn cribs I kinda felt bad for them. There were 6 monkeys in one pen, things like that.