Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

The tradition continues. Today for Memorial Day we headed down to Zanesfield for the Logan Hills Festival and Parade. Dane had a good time watching the Ben Logan band playing and seeing the horses walk through.

Dane and Grandpa Peterson

A BIG thank you to grandma and grandpa Peterson for getting Dane this sandbox. After Dane woke from his nap today we went outside to play. I'm thinking this will help him stay busy while I water the flowers/garden this summer. Isn't it cute, it looks like a sand castle!

He wasn't too sure about it at first. He didn't like putting his feet in the sand and getting them dirty, but I'm thinking he'll get over that.

The sandbox also has four seats on each corner and for now he prefers to sit there or outside of it and dig in that way.

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