Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pie Bars

Another batch of blackerries picked from our surprise patch behind the garage. Mmmm, Now what to make? Came across a recipe for.....

Blackberry Pie Bars

It's basically a piecrust bottom with a lemony raspberry center and a crumbly topping. It was really good, but REALLY bad for you! I'm not even gonna tell you what went into these things. So, I had one piece, Dane had one piece and then we sent some over to mom's house to sample and took the rest to work. I can't have these things sitting around the house, I'd eat em' all!

The filling.
I wish I'd have added more lemon to the mix, but other than that, YUM!

The crust.
Made from scratch with little cubes of cold butter. (yikes!)

The end result.

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