Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Veggies Galore

I'm about over this garden. Truthfully, I haven't weeded it in weeks! It's a complete mess right now. I'm alittle bothered by it, I really need to get out there. Maybe this weekend.

Here's a pic from a few weeks ago.
My romaine lettuce, green beans, cherry tomatoes, and summer squash.

Recently to become ripe.... my eggplant! Yum. I didn't grow this last year so I wasn't sure how it would do, but all 3 plants are thriving! This is the 1st eggplant I picked, I grilled it with tomatoes, and peppers.

Saw this recipe from Bobby Flay on All recipes.com website.
It was super yummy!

More recently, My giant mess of tomatoes. Geez.
I've been putting tomatoes into everything.
-pureed and put into mac and cheese
-pureed and put into alfredo sauce
-fried green
etc, etc.

Pretty much we're eating them with every meal.

Mmmmm. BLT sandwiches!

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