Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Funday & Friends

Sunday morning we got a call from The Banta Family inviting us to come along with them to Youngs Dairy for breakfast and then to the Urbana fair.

Sounded just perfect to me!

I've never been to the Urbana fair. It's so much better than Logan County's! The best part........The rides are included in the fairs admission!

Brad, Dane, Taylor, Lincoln and Jen aboard the Dizzy Dragon ride.

Dane waiting for Taylor to get her balloon.

Brad & Dane ride The Sizzler. Seriously can't believe this ride didn't make Dane puke, I had a hard time just watching it!

Still can't believe Taylor and Dane rode this!

Dane liked it so much that he and Brad came back for more later on.

(Thanks for asking us to come along, We had fun!)

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