Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I don't know if I've ever went this long without posting something. We've just been soooo busy!

Brad is still working which is great. That also means that I'm super busy working outside the home, running the kids to and fro for childcare, and trying to keep the house functioning in somewhat decent order.

Something else we've been working on......A small bathroom redo. Just lipstick on a pig really. Starting with the flooring which is a must! A note to all building a home with a bathroom to be used mostly by children....DO NOT use the sticky floor tiles. The will not stand up to the rather playful and messy baths that small children like to take. I've hated this bathroom since the day we first viewed this house.

Man, Take a look at that awful flooring which is peeling up and yellowing from sunlight exposure. Yuck. Here are also the 2 samples we got narrowed down too. Brad liked the one on the left. I liked the one on the right.

Okay. Flooring selected. I won :)

Now to choose paint colors.

Painting done. We chose neutral tones. I want a calm and clean look. We also updated the hardware. A nice brushed nickel.

I also talked Brad into purchasing a curved shower curtain rod! He thought it was ridiculous at first but I think he's changed his mind. It's amazing how much bigger it makes the shower feel. LOVE IT!

I'm working on Brad to build me a frame for the bathroom mirrow. I think that will help alot and at some point I'd like to replace the countertop but this is a good start.

We're just waiting on the flooring to be installed now so we can put the trim back up. Can't wait!


  1. Love it! But its hard to tell on my monitor the paint color ... is it a mushroom-y brown? Or olive-drab?

    A frame around the mirror would be so great! (Also, I don't mind the vanity top - though perhaps get rid of the tile "backsplash"?)

  2. It's more mushroomy. The wall behind the mirror is a darker version on the same color. I was also trying to talk Brad into tiling the wall behind the mirror with subway tiles and them framing the mirror :)