Monday, March 19, 2012

In My Opinion, Much Better

I searched though hundreds of pictures so I could show you a before picture of this cupboard. Apparently this is the best I could come up with. So ugly I must have avoided getting it in any pictures. It was a hand me down freebee when we got married and so not our taste or style. My orignal thought being that I'd take it out and burn it when I gathered up enough money to replace it. 11 years later I finally got around to trying to spruce it up alittle.
1st: A coat of tinted primer.
2nd: A final coat of semi gloss charcoal grey.
3rd: New doors, hinges and pretty little knobs.
Much Better!
You might have noticed that we finally got chairs for our new dining room table too :) The dining room isn't looking too bad. Now if those lizards would only die and I could get that aquarium out of there!
I am on the lookout for dining room chair cushions. I need 6. I can't find any in stores or online that I like. Most prints are old lady like and I also need the fabric to be machine washable. I want a cool modern graphic print that ties to the chair and that I can zip off and throw in the wash. Is that too much to ask?! Next step I guess is to ask someone about making them for me. Suppose that's hard?

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