Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some Fun

Brad is getting called back to work soon. As in real soon. April 9th. He's going to be working kinda far from home. Circleville :( I mean it's not terrible. At least he will be home at night but it's at least a 80 minute drive with zero traffic issues. So with him working 10 hours days that would potentially put him home around 7pm. Not alot of husband/dad time.
So with that coming up we thought it would be nice to have 1 last fun trip. We chose to head to Cincinnati last weekend to visit The Newport Aquarium and stay in a hotel. We had a great time but the Aquarium was PACKED so they didn't allow strollers. Errr. Problem. They had you check in your stroller and lent you a baby back pack instead. Truth be told, these really didn't seem to take up much less room but whatever. Every time Brad would turn around we'd have to duck or he'd hit us with the back pack.

The hotel was super awesome! I've never had it work out so well. Our room backed up to the Ohio River so the view was gorgeous! Esp at night when the city was all lit up. A SUPER BONUS was that it was also the last room in the corner so it was quiet! I will be asking for this room again for sure!

This was our first trip with Olive too. She did awesome. Never fussed. Ate well. Slept awesomely. She was the perfect little travelor.

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