Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Activites

Memorial Day, aka Olive's actual birthday. We headed down to Zanesfield's parade in the morning because Dane was riding his fourwheeler in the parade for the 1st time. Exciting!

Momo Longhsore & Olive. 

It was HOT, HOT, HOT even at 9am and Olive was not pleased. It was her morning naptime and she just cried and cried until the band started. If you look real close she has a single tear rolling down her cheek. Precious baby. 

Oh my, here he comes!
 I almost wanted to cry. Such a big boy.

Here he comes...

Yea! My boy. He looked so cute!

Momo Peterson & G-ma Burrey.

We let Olive open her birthday present from us later in the day. After much thought we decided to get her a water table. She loved it! Actually her AND Dane just loved it. Should be a perfect toy to play with outside this summer.

*Just got back from Olive's well baby check today. She's petite. "Long and lean" were the Dr.'s exact words. Miss Olive was only 18lbs and 10oz today and 30" inches long. Geez. Is this girl ever gonna hit 20lbs!  She's a happy healthy girl though. No worries.

We are also busy here planning and preparing for her birthday party here on Sunday. Hope the weather is good!

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