Friday, July 6, 2012

Ohhhh My

 Realistically, You could probably get away with only 1 swimsuit. After all, I only have 1 swimsuit. However. Olive has 3. Only because when I saw this 2 piece sailor inspired navy with white stars and gold glittery buttons last weekend at Old Navy I COULD NOT STOP MYSELF. She had to have it. And boy does she look cute in it! 

Olive and Uncle John

 Olive and cousin Zeke

Olive had a good time at the pool today, though today she was more interested to hang out under the shade tree climbing all over the chairs and rummaging through our beach bags.

Oh, Olive. Stop it. She's killing me with cuteness. Just love her to pieces. 

I've thoughly enjoyed my week off work and my time at the pool with the kiddos. I was able to really enjoy them, work on my tan, read a book, and even catch up on episodes of a show called Damages (which I LOVE) 

Back to reality and work on Monday. 

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