Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another Milestone.....

Dane lost his 1st tooth! Isn't he growing up fast!?
Started last night with a bunch of crying and drama when he bit into an apple and felt it crack. He cried and cried about it. Then I explained the whole thing and how exciting it was to have the tooth fairy come. Etc. Etc.
Then I started to tell the story about when he first got that tooth. He was 5 months old. I was pushing a cart through Walmart with him in his infant carrier right up front.  He was cranky and teething so I put my finger in his mouth to let him gum on it alittle. Sure enough he bit down hard and there was a little tooth there. Now that tooth is gone.....
He woke up and wiggled and wiggled it till it popped right out!
He looks so CUTE!
* A patient of mine gave me this First Tooth holder when he was born.
It seemed like forever away at the time. Yet here it is.

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