Sunday, August 10, 2014

Just Some Summer Craziness

Last night we were invited to our friends house for a before school starts party. There was a ton of great food and the kids tye dyed shirts. I'd never done this with them before and they loved it. I hope we make this a pre school starting tradition. The adults all sat around goofing off, talking, drinking beer and the kids all ran a muck. It was good fun. We stayed late and had a campfire/smore thing going on too.

Here they are modeling their new shirts. The LOVE them!

And then we had a hilly billy surf off. These are 2 of my friends from high school. Jen ended up falling off so I think she lost. 

Sunday morning long run. Only 70 degrees but 85% humidity. I am not much of a summer runner. This humidity kills me. However, There is approx 70 some days before the half marathon. I HAVE to get my long runs in.

I did it. It wasn't pretty. I had to stop 3x for water. In the winter I could run 9 straight miles without stopping for water once. 

And now this icing business it becoming a trend. Just being proactive. This isn't a new injury or anything I've been ignoring it for approx 6-7 months. I know, stupid. It only bothers me after longer runs so I thought I'd see if icing it helps. If it continues ill get it looked at after the half.

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