Friday, September 5, 2014

Olive Goes To Preschool!

Olive had her 1st day of Preschool on Thursday morning. My dad is so kind to shuttle her to and from. I was able to block out my schedule and head over there to see her. To say I was a bit nervous is an understatement. Olive can be a bit dramatic, moody and shy so it could have been a disaster. However, it went GREAT! 

Fingers crossed for Tuesday when she officially gets dropped off. 

She really seems to like Mrs. Deb. I was happy to see her interacting with her. She didn't talk to any of the other kids which is pretty typical of her in group settings so I'm excited to see her grow in this area and learn to make friends.

Later this day Dane had his first soccer game. Zanesfield vs. Zanesfield.
 It was a tie. 1 to 1.

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