Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Egg Hunt

And he's off!

Elise & Dane with their egg loot.

Patsy is Claire's 5th birthday present. The cutest Boston Terrier pup. She broke her back leg (see the cast) but it doesn't seem to slow her down.

Preggo Update: 36 1/2 weeks. Getting "checked" at the Dr's this morning. Hopefully returning with some progress news. I'll keep ya posted.

So, I'm 1cm dilated, 30% effaced and -3 station. So the question is......Will or won't I make it to my due date of May 23rd??? I'm guessing not.

Note to self: Getting "checked" at the Dr. and then heading off to work for the day= A BAD IDEA. I'm ok sitting but I've had the worst menstrual-like cramps all day!

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