Friday, April 8, 2011

Help Is On The Way!

With a baby on the way in 6 weeks and no solid name picked I decided to look for help. We've scoured the internet baby-name search engines, entered Barnes & Noble to browse through books, borrowed baby naming books from family with nothing really grabbing us.

We like older, simple, different. Like Dane, but where is the girl name version of Dane?!? I stumbled across this book 'Bring Back Beatrice' and ordered it from Amazon. I was going to just send it right to my kindle but this is a book that I need to feel between my fingers. Hopefully to dog-ear ALL the pages with totally cool names.

I feel confident that this will help us (wish us luck).

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh! Only 6 weeks?!? And just think, if this one is a little early like Dane it could be even less! I'm envious of you, I've got 16 weeks to go and feel & look like I'm about 8 months along now.

    I have that same book on my nook but haven't had a chance to browse through it yet. Were getting nowhere with names as well, I don't even feel like we have a couple serious ones to choose from. I'm so at a loss this time around. Good luck!