Monday, November 21, 2011

Drooling Beauty

Say hello to the cutest baby girl.......but I may be slightly biased.

5 3/4 months old.

We have another busy exciting month coming up around here. Next on our list is...

~ Longshore Thanksgiving. November 27th.

~The Lauryn Byrdy Photography Holiday Mini Session with REAL PENGUINS! The set will include real snow and baby penguins from the Columbus Zoo. Scheduled for December 1st. I need to assemble some warm, colorful, coordinated clothing for Dane & Olive suitable for a winter holiday session. Yea!! So excited!

~ Olive's 6 month well baby check....6 months!! Wow, How did that go so fast! December 2nd.

~ The family photo shoot done by photographer Chris Whitsett from Our Blessings Photography. Scheduled for December 3rd. These will also include some singles of Olive (6mths) and Dane (4yrs)

~ BIRTHDAY BOY turns 4! Big party on December 4th for Dane. Still need to figure out the cupcake situation...just not sure what to do.

~Office Christmas Party on the 10th.

~Longshore Christmas to be determined

~Burrey Christmas on Christmas Day.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

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