Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Olive & Juno

Miss O loves playing with her vintage Fisher Price apple.

It used to be Brad's when he was a baby. I wonder, do they still make these? Such a classic.

Now 6 months old and HAPPY!

So busy here at the Grimes household. Perfect timing for Brad to get the laid-off for the Winter call. I need his assistance this week.

Getting amped up here for the super busy weekend, esp Dane's big party day. Can't believe my baby boy is almost 4! He's the coolest kid. Just this morning he was spinning donuts in the snow on his four wheeler!

I'm kinda experiencing some anxiety about executing the birthday cupcakes. On Friday after Olive's well baby check (p.s. She's actually not well and has a little cold) we're headed to Columbus so I can hit up the candy store. I need pink jelly beans and the pink Runt hearts. Plus a few other misc baking goods.

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