Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meet Juno

Seriously cute huh?!

Juno is our new dog. She has pretty big paw prints to fill, but I'm not expecting her too. That'll be the hardest part, not comparing her to Zoey. She is her own self and I feel she will be wonderful in her own ways.

So far she's super sweet and not too much extra trouble. She's really quite content to sit at your feet (that's her favorite spot) and sleep.

Dane & Juno are fast friends. He's been great at helping me by taking her out to potty and run around the yard.

I know it's crazy for me to take on any extra things right now. I am busy enough. However, We really do miss having a dog around here. Brad will be laid off in another month and will be around to help more. It'll be fine. Plus I think Juno will be a great distraction for Dane and maybe he'll give Olive alittle breathing room.

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