Saturday, February 4, 2012

Discover The Dinosaurs

Last Sunday we took Dane & Olive to the Discover The Dinosaurs exhibit at Dayton Convention Center. We had a pretty good time. The dinosaurs exhibit part was pretty neat. Some of the dinosaurs were animated so they roar and move and you could see them "breathing." It was pretty realistic. Well I guess I don't really know that, I wasn't alive then but I believe it was pretty realistic anyway.
There was some disappointment though. The also had a bunch of blow up dinosaur bouncers and even 2 dinosaurs that you could ride. Sounds cool right?? Wrong! The exhibit was only open for 2 days so it was SO BUSY! It was down right packed! The lines to get to these 2 cool things were extremely long....EXTREMELY. Like wrap around the building long :( So we just left after we saw the dinosaurs.

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