Monday, February 6, 2012

Euchere & Pizza

By the title of this post you may think we had alittle card party or something. Nope, No card party here. Just a couple of lizards.

My parents returned from their vacation to Florida with 2 lizards for Dane. No we didn't ask them was a suprise for Dane (and his parents who had zero intentions of letting any reptile into the home). No big deal because they will probably die soon anyway or so I thought. What I didn't account for is that Brad would run hog wild with the lizard thing and borrow an aquarium from the neighbors and go out and buy a heat lamp. He's nuts.
When returning home from work the next day Brad had done some research. We have a boy lizard and a girl lizard and they breed in the spring. Oh uh. We might have a lizard farm. He also rattled off what kind they were, what they like to eat, what temp they thrive in, etc etc.
Regardless Dane was surprised and loves them. He named them Euchere and Pizza.
Now I have a little aqarium in the kitchen.
This is the male. The larger of the two. His name is Pizza.

Here is Euchere. She's pretty and petite and much more active than Pizza

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