Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Olive @ 8 months

8 months already!? She is growing like a weed! Here's my attempt to sweep her hair to the side. It only works temporarily and bow/clips just slide right out. She seems to have no natural part so I'm trying to create one and for now just slick it to the side. I've had some complaints on her looking like a "sheep dog" but really what are you to do with this much silky soft hair on a baby? I refuse to pull it up into the top of her head in a pony. That's just ridiculous.

Aw, She's just so sweet. Still my little finger sucker.
Olive is so kissable.
As soon as anyone picks her up they immediately plant kisses all over her cheeks.
This expression is on her face alot these days.
She must be exploring her new top teeth with her tongue.

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