Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just a Reminder

Just a few weeks ago I had a patient gently scold me for complaining of the lack of sleep I'm getting these days as he himself is struggling with his own children growing up and needing him less.

He asked me this ..."Do you plan on having more children?" and urged me to think about this to help me get through this time "Because if you don't plan to just remember that this may be the last time you get to hold a baby in the middle of the night and soothe her."

Every night since then I've thought about those words. As this will probably be our last child. I may never get to rock my baby back and forth and never get to nurse her back to sleep. I may never get to run my fingers through her downy soft hair, and graze my lips across her baby soft cheeks or reach out my finger and have her grasp it into her tiny little fist.

I vow to cherish and savor every minute of this time with Olive for it may be my last.

* I wrote this when Olive was only 4 months old and had saved it into my Drafts folder and then forgot about it. Stumbled upon it last weekend and it still brings tears to my eyes. This was the fastest year. Now Olive sleeps through the night and is so active during the day that we don't get to just cuddle as much as we used too.   I miss the baby stage already :(


  1. You keep reading this and Baby #3 will be on it's way before you know it ;)

    1. Brad's not interested :( I'll ask again in another year. Maybe he'll change his mind!

  2. Thanks Casey, sobbing at 11:45pm. You suck (and thanks for the gut check)