Friday, April 6, 2012

Olive @ 9 months

JCPenney Photos you really suck. This was the worst photo experience we've ever had. Normally it's not a terrible experience but it's not the best. With Dane we always managed to get decent pictures and had a variety to choose from. This time we had a different "photographer". She was AWFUL! Now granted Olive was not exactly thrilled to be having her picture taken but this lady was the worst. She honestly took about 10 pictures. That's it! Never going back. NEVER.
Thank god my friend who is a great photographer agreed to take Olive's 1 year pics.
I can't handle another studio photo factory.
Anyways. Olive is still the cutest.

Seriously, This is the wierdest crop. Don't ya think?
Really late on showing these off due to that scanner issue I was having.
She's actually 10 months now.

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