Friday, April 20, 2012

Picking Up The Pieces

 Shortly after my last post all hell broke loose here at the Grimes household. There was vomit and diarrhea just flying from Dane and Olive. It wasn't pretty. My poor babes. AND then it caught up to me..... I guess it was to be expected. I haven't ever been puked on that many times.  I called off work Monday and Brad so kindly took the kids to my moms so I could recover.  The good news is that it was only a 24 hour bug and we all recovered pretty quickly. Or so I thought.  Dane broke out with another episode Tuesday evening but was again fine when he woke up Wed. The real story lies with Miss Olive. She never did really recover. We thought she had, she seemed fine during the day. Still not eating much but she wasn't vomiting and her poops seemed to be relatively normal. However, In the middle of the night she's wake up and vomit and then just cry her little heart out.  Very Puzzling.  I am concerned. I can tell she's lost weight. She's much lighter and she's not having many pee diapers (cause she isn't eating or drinking much at all)  Worried about dehydration I call the Dr. for an appointment and here is what he says.

 "Sometimes when a baby has the flu it can throw her digestion, acids and enzymes off and so it takes them longer to regulate and recover. When she lays down at night she may be experiencing some acid relux which is causing her to vomit. Let's take her off all dairy.  No milk based formula, no cheese, no yogurt.  Let's place her on soy formula and or Lactaid milk and prescribe her an acid reducer to help."

and ya know what...... It seems to be working. She slept all night! No puking! I am so relieved. The hard part is getting her to take that medicine. Eww. It must be gross. She makes the worst faces. Spits it out. Cries when she even sees me aproaching with the syringe. Poor babe.

So today I am trying to pick up the pieces from a very busy rough week. Laundry, dishes, floors, bathrooms, etc.  Oh and did I mention that I also had class in Lima Tues and Thurs evenings after work from 6-9pm! Geez. Thank god I have the most amazing husband who is THE BEST father.

So on a lighter note! Check this out!! I purchased this adorable yellow lace romper for Olive to wear in her 1 year pics. Yellow is definitly her color, can't wait to see her in it!

This is what is looks like on a child. ADORABLE.

*Ok. Off to take the cat to the vet. Eat lunch. Put kids down for naps. Clean house more. Head to Russels Point to pick up the chair I had reuphoulsterd (yea, so excited to see it all finished!) Busy day here.

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