Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Boy and His Dog

 Dane and Juno very much have a love hate relationship. They have good moments together puctuated with moments where I'm playing the referee between them. I know they will be very close when they both grow up alittle.

There were many days while I was off on 'vacation' where Dane and Juno would head out as early as 8am to play. Alot of times I am sure they were getting into trouble.  I chose to ignore it and hope they were being good. 

Here they are one day playing tug of war with a tree branch.

One day it started to rain in the evening. I was waiting for him to come inside  but he never did so I snuck out with the camera to see what they were doing. Here they were sitting in the back yard staring at each other and Dane was just laughing and laughing about something.

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