Friday, May 18, 2012

Zoo Date!

I'm on vacation from work this week. Notice the 'from work' in the last sentence cause being a stay at home mom while rewarding and sometimes fun is EXHAUSTING and in no way a 'vacation'.  Brad has been working 11 hours days and will be working on Saturday too :( 

So to preserve my sanity..... I may have lost my cool several times yesterday while being cooped up in the house I decided that today we would head to the zoo. Dane suggested I call Delilah's mommy and ask her to go too so that's what I did. We had a great time. The weather was perfect!

Check it out! I for the 1st time put Olive's hair into pigtails! Stinkin' cute!

Olive, Dane & Lilah

 Dane kept asking me to take his picture. That almost never happens.

We've had a good day here in The Grimes household so far.

* And because nothing is perfect Olive has a mysterious rash or serious of bumps on her torso so we're off to the Dr. today.

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