Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Brad took Dane to get his haircut last weekend. He gets it cut just like his dad. A tight little fade and it's adorable but when he came home he suddenly looked to much more grown up.

Such a handsome little devil. 

I'm starting to realize that while raising a boy is fantastically fun it can also be a bit depressing. Several months ago he confessed his love to another girl in preschool. While very cute and funny I had to fight the urge to cry. I'm felt jealous. How pathetic. I'm suppose to be the love of his life. I know I still am.....for now. Then I started thinking about how I will feel when he really does love someone else. Oh my gosh,  When he marries someone?! I will be one of those crazy mothers. Crying uncontrollably. 

Well. Enough of that. He's mine for now.

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