Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

Fall has definitely arrived! It was darn right chilly this weekend.  Bundling up the babies for they went out to play was a must!
I am NOT looking forward to the endless mess of hats/gloves/scarves. It took me 10 minutes and approx 10 individual gloves to find a pair that actually were the same size and matched! Notice after all that he's not even wearing said gloves! I need a better system.

Not to mention trying to keep those items on Olive's body. The only reason she's wearing this hat is because it's attached to her dress underneath and I think she forgot about it.


* Dane soccer team won again on Saturday!
*I took this coming Tues off work to attend Dane's preschool field trip.
 It's gonna be so fun. I love spending quality time with my boy.

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