Thursday, October 11, 2012

Field Trip Day

@ Leed's Pumpkin FarmSo fun. I'd love to come here sometime with friends or family. There are alot of different activities for everyone.
My handsome boy.
Back off ladies you'll have to fight me for him!
Hand feeding the cute little goats. I think we need some goats at home.
Rolling around.

Pedeling the tractor bikes. This was his favorite thing.
Showing his prize pumpkin/gourds.
We're busy here working on Dane's super cool Halloween Costume. It's the first one I've actually made (my mom's helping me) and not bought. It's got  MAJOR cool factor. Can't wait to unveil him in it. It needs to be finished by the 20th for Zanesfields Full Moon Festival. 
Olive will be a monster. A cute little monster. Maybe next year I'll make her (aka my mom will help me) something and I'll just buy Dane one. I've always wanted to make a Rainbow Brite costume. Remember her all you peeps from 1980 something?! Now wouldn't that be precious!

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