Monday, December 17, 2012

Zoo Lights

I felt like I couldn't rest until we saw the Zoo lights. It's a tradition. We go every year. We finally got a nice day with slightly warmer temps on Friday night so we headed out. New to this year is getting there early enough (still daylight) and getting in line to see Santa. He opens his shop at 5 so we got there at 15 till and stood in a short line. After 5 that line gets REALLY long. Worked out perfectly.
I got a glimpse of Santa. How lame! He had the biggest fakest beard I've ever seen! I expected more from the Zoo. I've seen mall Santa's that are WAY better. And also, Mrs Claus looked terrible too. I mean seriously, her teeth looked rotted out.  I think they took random Zoo workers and slapped silly costumes on them.  I was disappointed. The kids didn't care.
The picture turned out cute.
Dane got his face painted and decorated a cookie.

Then we went out into darkness to see the lights.

 And ride the carousel.
Olive loves horses. She loved it UNTIL it started moving! Then she looked scared and kept repeating "Dadddddie, Mommmmy, Dadddddie, Mommmmy!" with a super cute poutie lip. So we took her off the horse.

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