Friday, March 29, 2013

Coming Together

A snow storm or not Neil got to work. Luckily Brad got snowed out of work so he was here to help. Walls start going up! So exciting.
I thought this was just cute. Neil and Brad have been best friends since childhood.
Oh My Goodness. Four walls and a tub!
We have a roof and housewrap now. WOW.
So from inside. Interior walls. This view is from standing in the closet and looking out towards the bedroom. Those windows will flank the bed. Speaking of windows, I'm looking for some awesome curtains which is proving to be not easy but I'll discuss that in my 'design' post later on.
This view is standing in the bedroom looking at the closet (left) and bathroom right)
The big window in the bedroom looking outback. This was important to us. We wanted lots of natural light with hopes that some of it will transfer through the glass french doors and into the rest of the house.  We also have 2 windows in the bathroom and even one in the closet. You can never have too much natural light!
We have a guy coming to estimate drywall costs today. Electric and plumbing start on Monday.

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