Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mother Nature Is A B$#*!

We're running slightly behind schedule. Approximately 4 days. Due to the unseasonably
 cold temps and then rain it took the excavation crew extra time to finish the job. They are done now. Yea! 

Stanford Construction showed up Friday and now we have an I-Beam, floor joists and a floor!

Mother nature is once again tossing us a curve ball and is going to dump 3-6 inches of snow on us come Monday. What the!?! Seriously. Come on. It's the end of March. WHERE IS SPRING?!

* I'm going to try and upload the floor plans for the addition so you can better see what we're doing.
Ok. So I couldn't figure out how to  upload the plans since they were in Adobe. So, I took a picture with my phone and uploaded from there. Not the best quality but you get the idea.

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