Sunday, March 31, 2013

Design Thoughts, Ideas and Frustration

I originally fell in love with this photo. The dark moody grey walls, white furniture and those fantastic kelly green curtains. Oh, be still my heart. Those kelly green curtains! How hard could it be to find curtains that color?
HARD. Actually not possible. I could find fabric this color and  have them made but $$$. Mucho.
So maybe I'll keep looking.
Oh geez. Love. It's that kelly green color again but in a wide chevron stripe. GORGEOUS. Think they make anything like this.....NOPE.
Oooo. Curtain love again. But maybe in Black and White. Let's see if I can find anything like that....
Yea. Like this! Nope. Nothing like this.
Actually, This particular person bought shower curtains and sewed them together. Good idea really. For 1 window. I have 3. I would have to buy like 6 shower curtains at least! 
So maybe I'll think about something else. I'd love a bold color, a wide stripe stripe or chevron, a bold graphic print. Seems non of these things are a buy off the shelf thing. WHY?!
  I do love the color orange....or maybe a bright coral color?
Anyway,  That's my curtain plight. We still have decisions to be made on shower and sink faucets. That is also proving to be  not easy. I think we're too picky.

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