Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life & Going The Distance

Happy 12th Anniversary to my husband! We secured a babysitter for last night so Brad and I could celebrate. I assumed we were just going to do some shopping and head to dinner but he surprised me with a couples massage at LaVida. I was divine. With the physical stresses of my job and current running schedule I really needed it. Then we headed to dinner at Cap City Diner. It's been a favorite of ours for years but it's location is not super friendly (as in far and out of the way) so we don't go very often. Maybe 1x a year. We had a few drinks and enjoyed our dinner without wrestling children.  Brad had the meatloaf which is his personal favorite (it IS super good) and I tried something new, a Thai Steak Salad. It was served on Udon noodles which I thought was a wise carb loading choice since Sunday mornings are my "long" runs. 
After dinner we walked it off at the mall and then stopped at Jeni's ice cream before heading home.
My husband as been so supportive of my running. He stayed with the kids this morning so I could go on my long run. I felt I had something to prove. I was set out last Sunday to break the walls of my last 6.1 mile run and fell short at 5.5miles. The whole run was a struggle. I believe I may have been tired (Dane was up the night before with diarrhea several times) and I didn't properly fuel for breakfast. I'd only had a cup of coffee and a piece of dry toast.  My runs all last week felt like that. I had lost confidence and wasn't feeling it.
So, This morning the kids actually slept in (7am). I drank a lot of water yesterday. Properly fueled with a light breakfast approx. 90 minutes before and headed out to spank Zanesfield's rear. HaHa.
It was a little slower than my last 6 miler but it was crazy windy so I'll blame it on that.

 Ran 6.51 mi on 11/17/2013
 Avg Pace
I'm currently busy planning Dane's birthday party.  He's requesting a dirt bike theme. Supplies and invites have been ordered. Now I'm trying to plan for the cake. I'm thinking of a peanut butter/chocolate flavor profile.
Maybe something like this.
Sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything. I'll try to be better.
Have a great week!

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