Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween and Other Things

The result of my before mentioned cookie making for the Zanesfield Soccer Team party.  Chocolate Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies with Pumpkin Buttercream Icing. They were a huge success!
 Dane greets me after getting off the bus like this..... Spooky!
Olive is still cute and sweet and a tad dramatic.

It's been a crazy week. Nothing has gone quite as planned. Last night was suppose to be trick or treat night. Mother nature had other plans and decided to unlease rain and a crazy crazy wind storm. We even had tornado warnings late last night. Thankfully, unlike other towns our trick or treat was rescheduled for Sat night when the weather won't be quite as scary.  That's the 2nd time this week my kids were suppose to get into costume and have fun and it hasn't happened :(  Come hell or high water we're getting those kids into costumes and going trick or treating!!
Map My Run:   Still going strong. The previously mentioned Academy Challege is complete. All four levels and I've earned another "badge" for my Map My Run wall.  This challenge was fairly easy compared to the Merrell Run one but I'm signing up for every challenge I can. I find that it helps by giving me goals and when I don't actually feel like running I feel like I have to get my points or badges or whatever. 
October ended like this.....
Total Miles Ran-  67.67
Total Hours Ran-  12.19
Total Calories Burnt- 6,874
Highest Weekly Mileage- 17.7
Highest Mileage in 1 run- 5.52
November's Challenge is .....
Basically you earn 10 points every day that you log at least 30 minutes of activity. If you earn 100 points your entered to win prizes.

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