Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Sweet 16

We had a party for my eldest niece Cat who turned sweet 16. Isn't she gorgeous!

Momo & Obi
I have this week off work. Fantastic! Today was apparently super foggy and Dane's school got put on a 2 hour and then 3 hour delay. I decided it would be fun to take them to Bob Evan's for breakfast  since we had extra time and I could even run an errand and be back for the bus to pick him up at 10:30.  While sitting at breakfast the school called and had decided to cancel for the day........Um. I drove all the way to town and didn't even see fog and that was at 8:45am so I'm pretty sure the teachers just wanted a day off ;)  But anyway. I guess I get to enjoy both my babies today. However, the word 'enjoy' might be a slight stretch since they've done nothing but bicker all day.  Hoping the get up on the right side of the bed from nap and suddenly decide to share and play nice. Fingers crossed.
Tonight is the soccer party and I'm thinking I might stop this blogging thing to get up and make these for the soccer team
(ok so maybe I'm actually making them for me) I better make a double batch ;)

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