Saturday, October 19, 2013


I'll start this off with 4 more superior family photos.
Love the way Olive is nestled into Dane's nook in this one.
 Oh, My handsome boy. Almost 6 years old.
 I adore this crazy crazy girl.

So, This week I had a parent/teacher conference. It went well. Short and sweet. He's doing well, right on target. He has a few things to work on and we're trying to do that.  For instance why on earth when counting does he ALWAYS skip 17 and 20. ALWAYS. It's so crazy.
Our grill croaked this week as well. It had a nice long 9 year life and served us well. On to a new one and hoping it lasts us at least that long.
I continued my running trend this week but backed it down to 4x a week instead of 5. Still logged over 16 miles so I'm gonna say it's a success.  Taking 2 days off in a row served me well and I was able to log a PR distance of 5.02 miles this morning in 52 minutes 20 seconds. That's a 10:20 pace. Not too bad.  It was cold and raining. I actually really like running in the rain. It feels good.
Dane had yesterday off of school for COTA day so I took the kids to the zoo. The weather was AMAZING and we had a good time. I have a few pics to share of that day and I will try to get them posted soon.
This morning's soccer game was cancelled due to weather. To be rescheduled for some evening this week.
Tonight, I think we may carve pumpkins. I actually don't feel like it but Dane REALLY, REALLY wants to and has been talking about it for days.

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