Sunday, October 13, 2013

Challenge Completed

I finished my Merrell Challenge today. 30 Runs in 45 days with 5 days to spare actually. I'm super pumped! I really had to push myself to complete this as I usually don't run 5 days a week. Since I have 5 days left I'll actually probably run 3 more times but I'm just going to post the finish stats as of now.
Total miles ran: 81.85miles
Total hours ran: 15.61 hours
Total calories burnt:  9,419 calories
 I needed to challenge myself and I enjoyed doing so. I'm not going to stop either. I've already signed up for another challenge called ......
In this next challenge there are 4 levels. Each week it gets more challenging. I've received a "badge" already for completing Week 1 which was running 4 miles.
  AND because my children are soooo super cute and I adore our recent family pics here's another gem for ya.
Have a nice week. Upcoming parent/teacher conference scheduled for Wed. My first ever. This should be interesting.

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