Monday, October 28, 2013

I've been LAZY

I've actually been quite busy but not inspired enough to take a lot of pictures and too lazy to even fire up the computer and download the ones I did take.
So anyway, Here's Dane's Kindergarten picture. Pretty handsome if I do say so.

One of the family photos I chose to put on canvas. I got a really good goupon deal and it arrived in only 1 week. Loving it! 
This week we had 2 sick kids. They are both mostly on the mend now. Dane had his 2 final soccer games and the season is now over (Besides the team party which is tomorrow night).  We missed the annual Full Moon Festival in Zanesfield due to the kids sickness. We were really looking forward to the costume contest, chili cook off, family games, hayrides, and cake walk.  What a bummer! Thursday's trick or treat night better be nice but regardless we'll there!

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