Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our Girls

Juno & Olive. Both are the same age. Both are trouble makers.
They sure are good lookin' though.
Dane had a soccer game this morning in the rain. He played really hard and they won! Go team Zanesfield.
Family pictures tonight if the weather clears. We'll see.
Map My Run/ Merrell Challenge Update:
I added 15.1 miles this week making the total ran so far in this challenge 60.81 miles.
I ran 11.91 hours and burnt 6,513 calories.
There are 13 days left in the challenge and I have 7 runs left.
I've chosen to take yesterday and today off and use them as rest days. I needed it. I'll start again tomorrow and try to work in a "long" run tomorrow.  

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