Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving + Pumpkin Dash

Happy Thanksgiving. May you be surrounded by people who love you and enjoy a full belly of delicious holiday food. We've had a truely blessed day. Starting with a very brisk Pumpkin Dash in Uptown Marysville follwed by a super yummy lunch with Brads family. Topping it off we even squeezed in a nap!!!!  Few things I cherish more as a mother of 2 young children than putting housework aside and taking a nap right along with them. 

Thankful for so much. Family and good health top the list. 

Thankful for Kelsey asking me to run her first 5k with her and for several other family members who also agreed to brave the cold. It was 24ยบ this morning. 

From left. My nieces Mari and Cat, their friend Claire, Kelsey, Me, Morgan and Ryan.

My hygiene partner at the office. We've been friends since hygiene school and have been lucky enough to work together for the last 8 1/2 years. I roped into this 5k too. We've been running on our lunch breaks. Thankful for good friends. 

Marna also talked her daughter Into running as well. 

Yes. I am holding a pumpkin pie. It was my prize for finishing. Yum!

Results from the race. I placed 267 out of 630 people.  Not too bad. I ran my fastest 5k. Finished in 27:35 minutes. Sweet! Worked out to be a 9:08 pace!! Nice to see all my hard work pay off in faster times.

In my age group Women 30-39- I placed 39th out of 94!! 

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