Friday, July 26, 2013

Before Dinner Bumper Cars

We decided to take the family to Timbuck 2 one evening before dinner.  Timbuck 2 is basically a big shopping plaza with food, fun, shopping and games. We had noticed they had go-carts and bumper cars the first day we came.  We decided against the go-carts since some kids were too big for them and some kids were too small and went instead for the bumper cars. It was perfect! Timbuck 2 was very busy and crowded but for some reason the bumper cars were empty which allowed the whole family to get in at once! Hilarious. We had so much fun! 

I'm probably about to wrap up the family vacation series. Maybe 2-3 posts left. As I'm sure some are tired of hearing about the ENDLESS amounts of fun we had. Seriously though, It was fun! I really hope we're able to get everyone together for vacation again sometime.

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