Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Evening At The Beach

We basically started and ended everyday at the beach.  All but 1 morning I got up early before the kids had my morning coffee and then I'd run on the beach. I mean why wouldn't I. It was gorgeous. it was quiet. Only a few fisherman, a few other runners, dog walkers and 1 lady doing yoga. It was warm but not sunny and the breeze was mild but steady. The waves would lap up and kiss your shoes and even over my softly playing Pandora radio I could hear them crashing to shore.  It was fantastic and I want to go back......like RIGHT NOW.

Here in the evening we took advantage of the evening light and took some family photos.


I love this. It still melts my heart to see them together and so in love with each other.
 A daddy and his daughter.

Loving this super gorgeous picture of my sister and her new baby.

John and Stacey.  Not sure where the kids were, probably off goofing around with my kids.

Morgan and Kelsey. I'm so glad they could come with us.
It wouldn't have been the same without them.

Kelsey fits right in with us (now isn't that scary, haha)

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