Sunday, July 14, 2013

We Had a Really Great Time

Our family went on vacation. A real BIG, FUN vacation and we had a really great time. We had a series of unfortunate events on the way home but I don't want to dwell on that. Right now I want to celebrate our awesome good time and how wonderful my family is. How cool is it to have your whole family (20+ people) be able to go on vacation together for a whole week and have a great time?! So cool. I think it really speaks to the strength of our family. We're already talking about trying it again in a couple years.........maybe  Disney?????
So I'll be posting a handful of pictures every few days (cause I took 190 total!) in the order to which they occurred. Today features the car ride down to The Outerbanks, NC. 
These were taken at a stop to stretch out in West Virginia.
 Along for the ride was my brother Morgan and his girlfriend Kelsey. Dane LOVES her.

 My babies.


I do have to say I was TERRIFIED of getting in the car for 12 hours with my kids but they did SO GOOD. It was so much better than expected.
Stay tuned for more :)

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