Monday, July 29, 2013

Growing up.

My sweet g-ma passed away this morning at 93. She lived a great big long life. I'm torn between knowing she's in a better place, in heaven with my grandfather, knowing that she never really suffered and feeling sad. She was a big part of my childhood. Really big. Growing up I only lived 1/2 mile away from her. My siblings and I spent a lot of time with her. 
Thank you g-ma for taking me to the coffee shop with you in the mornings. I'll blame you for my current love of coffee. Thank you for letting me play with your shoes and jewelry. I thought you were so glamorous with your lipstick and always painted nails. Thank you for taking me fishing. I never liked it (still don't) but I liked hanging out with you. Thank you for loving to bake. You never officially taught me how but when I was very little I remember watching you make pies.  I never doubted your love for me and just how much you loved my children.
This is my g-ma and I. I was 2.

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