Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Birthday Boy

Today is Dane's 6th birthday! Can't believe he's 6 already. This year he requested a dirtbike cake so I scanned Pinterst and found a few that I thought I could tackle. Here's the result. Pretty cool if I do say so myself.  It was a yummy peanut butter cake with chocolate frosting.

 He woke up that morning super early and picked out his a birthday outfit all on his own.

The party was a great success and we had a ton of fun!
Today I took off work to care for my poor baby Olive who is still sick. Since I've posted last she's gotten worse and I've had her at Urgent Care. That evening didn't go well. She proceeded to scream and cry the entire time and I had to hold her down for the nurses to do a flu and strept test. Those came back Negative but because of her continued fever and large swollen tonsils covered in white spots the Dr decided to call in an antibiotic anyway. I'm hoping it works. Poor thing is coughing so hard it's causing her to vomit up mucus.
She's a fussy needy whiney mess with snot dripping down her face and I'll feel so bad for her. So we're doing a lot of cuddling and nose wiping and praying that she feels better soon.
Today, We're working on setting up the Christmas tree. She's helping.  You don't think this is too many Candy Canes for one area do ya? Hahaha

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