Monday, December 16, 2013

Inclement Weather Day

Today Dane had another delay which then turned into a cancellation. Our weather for December has been cruddier than usually and it seems he's out of school or having a delay weekly. At this pace he'll be in school most of June. I do hate snow, however it has been pretty to look at from the inside looking out. 

No work for me today. I've had a fire going, laundry and dishes done, dinner in the crock pot (pot roast) and we squeezed in a wintery craft project. Paper snow flakes! The kids loved them and want me to help them make more after nap. I think they are picturing that seen from ELF were he decorates their apartment like a wintery wonderland. 

Now the kids are napping and I'm going to head down to the dreadmill. Running outside is so much more fun. i am lucky to have a treadmill though. My winter training would suffer without one. My problem being that i sometimes get bored on the treadmill and dont run as far. My long runs arent that long anymore but i managed to do 5.3 yesterday while watching The Walking Dead on Netflix.

    Have a lovely week. It's Dane and my last week before being off for 2 weeks for the holidays. I can't wait!

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